Regina's Daycare & Pre-K
Serving Our Community for over 10 years
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Our Philosophy:
We believe that all children are gifted with the great potential for learning. Each child is unique in his/her learning styles and interaction with the world. It is our duty as educators to recognize and nurture this uniqueness in order to allow for each child to reach their highest potential.

Our Approach:
A primary approach to learning is through purposeful play. Intentional planning promotes rich learning experience. Our approach is based on constructivist’s theories of Piaget, Vygotsky and Dewey. We believe that children should be given a chance to construct their knowledge through inquiry and exploration. Learning is integrated and occurs simultaneously across all domains of children’s development - physical, socio-emotional, language and cognitive. We recognize and nurture different approaches to learning by intentionally designing learning environment to foster children’s natural curiosity, initiative, engagement, persistence, and creativity.

We build our curriculum in an alignment with Pre-K performance standards, NYS Pre-kindergarten learning standards, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) developmentally appropriate practices and the Creative Curriculum. When planning for daily activities we follow children’s lead and interests to achieve the best learning outcomes.

Our teacher to children ratio is 1:6, with the maximum group size of 12 children. The low teacher to student ratio allows for individual attention while creating a tight community of learners. Small group size allows teachers to recognize each child’s individual learning styles, interests, strengths and challenges.
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