Regina's Daycare & Pre-K
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Parental involvement:

Parents are encouraged to participate in school trips, daily activities and planning.


Children are assessed informally throughout the year and formally twice per year. The
results of the formal assessment are discussed during the parent-teacher conferences.


9AM - 3PM $15,500.00
8AM - 6PM $19,500.00

Application Fee           $50.00

Additional hours are $12.50 per hour (must sign-up through the end of the school year).
Occasional additional hours and short term will be charge at $15.00 per hour.
Late pick-up, early drop-off: $1.00 per every 1min.


Only children who are turning four years old in the year for which they apply are eligible.
For 2015-2016 school year only children born in 2011 may apply.

Required documents and fees:

*Regina’s Pre-K Application
*Application Fee

At the time of acceptance:
*Signed contract
*Medical Form
*Registration Form
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